The Small Print

No Collusion

It is great for all of us to get together to learn, network and share ideas. But we must not collude. Not only is collusion ethically wrong, but it is illegal. So enjoy the company, knowledge, thoughts and good times of and with your fellow industry colleagues. But do not encourage or participate in any efforts to collude with others, whether within session or otherwise.

No Legal Advice

Not only is discussion of legal issues inevitable, it is encouraged at the DDC 3. However, just as a discussion of a specific medical condition generally is not substitute for seeking personal medical advice when diagnosed with that medical condition, acting on generalized statements concerning the law is ill-advised if one is faced with a particular legal problem. The statements, views and opinions expressed by any speaker at the DDC 3 should not be considered legal advice. If you have a legal issue, do not rely on what is said at this conference for your particular situation. Please consult with a lawyer.

Opinions and Statements

Opinions and statements are only those of the speakers making them. We are trying to do a good thing here, bringing folks in our industry together to learn, share information and network. However, we do not "vet" the statements made by the speakers. Their statements reflect their views, opinions and beliefs, not those of either Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP or the DDC 3 Chairs, Martin E. Rosen and Robert E. Hess.